"Haldi" rhodium plated bracelet

Material: silver, enamel
Weight: 32 g

The supreme god in the Urartian Pantheon was Haldi. He used to be the god of the sky, life, construction, and the Sun. The cuneiform inscription called "The Mher Door" (Gates of the god Haldi) on a rock cliff in Van names 79 gods and goddesses in the Pantheon and specifies the amount of sacrifice for each of them. Haldi was portrayed sitting on the throne, standing on the lion. In the portraits one may see horn- shaped parts on the crown, which are cosmic and divine symbols. Sometimes Haldi was portrayed as a winged God with rays. In one of the cuneiform inscriptions of the Assyrian king Sargon the 2-nd (722-705 B.C.) it is evidented about the consecration ceremony of the Urartian king Rusa the 1st (735-714 B. C.) in the temple of Haldi.