"Shield of Sarduri the 2-nd" gold plated bracelet

Material: gold plated silver
The stone: lapis lazuli
Weight: 18 g

Acquiring a strong and mighty state from his ancestors king Sarduri the 2-nd (764-735 B․ C․) went on with the campaigns to neighbouring states. The represented shield is the shield of Sarduri the 2-nd, which was decorated with bulls and lions, the sacred animals of the kingdom of Urartu. The temple of Haldi in Ardini -Musasir was also called "The home of shield", as huge shields were hung from the frontal part, and two great spears near the entrance. It is also worth to mention that during the attacks a chariot was coursed in front of the army, in which was laid a huge spear (one of the symbols of god Haldi).

20 Oct 2021